Discngine Qualification - a Web Application To Track Liquid Handling Precision and Accuracy
Track Liquid Handling Precision and Accuracy


What's new in Discngine Qualification?

New features

Optical density to volume conversion factor

  • Linear regression

  • Second order polynomial regression

Team Members becomes Team Management

  • Choose to activate/deactivate the well validation/invalidation feature

  • Choose to show/hide the Example Data and the onboarding tutorials

  • Choose the number of figures displayed for numerical data

Control charts in the Qualification section

  • Display in a control chart each analysis in a specific qualification


New method to import gravimetry data

  • Copy/paste with automatic fields mapping

Validation Step

  • Re-design of the Z-Score distribution feature

  • Possibility to invalidate wells from current, associated or all plates

  • Display of control and volume layouts

At Discngine, we work daily on Discngine Qualification to offer you new features. These new features had been developed following customer requests or our own scientific experience.

You can suggest us a new feature anytime you want by contacting us through our contact section.