Discngine Qualification - A Web Application To Track Liquid Handling Precision and Accuracy
Track Liquid Handling Precision and Accuracy


What's new in Discngine Qualification 2.0?

New Features

Gravimetry step

Gravimetry step


Highlight relative bias volume if out of range according to defined cutoffs


New readers

  • EnVision PerkinElmer (Comma delimiter)

Colorimetry Validation Step

Colorimetry Validation Step

Validation step

  • Display control/volume layouts on demand

  • More filtering option (Optical Density, Volume, Plate…)

  • Z-Score visualisation

    • Interface is more interactive for scientists

Conversion factor enhancements

Devices qualification/calibration

Reader calibration to track when/who execute the action

  • Mail notification, warning to prevent scientists

Team Management section

Team Management section

Team Management

Team members management

Team settings

  • Enable/disable validation, display example data, etc.

Onboarding tutorials

Onboarding “Echo Labcyte” Tutorial

Onboarding “Echo Labcyte” Tutorial

Online tutorial focused on specific use cases to help scientists

  • Tutorials are based on example data

At Discngine, we work daily on Discngine Qualification to offer you new features. These new features had been developed following customer requests or our own scientific experience.

You can suggest us a new feature anytime you want by contacting us through our contact section.