Discngine Qualification - A Web Application To Track Liquid Handling Precision and Accuracy
Track Liquid Handling Precision and Accuracy



The Origin of Discngine Qualification

Laboratory informatics is one of Discngine’s business expertise. Discngine Qualification is a new application taking a unique position among our Sample Management and Data Acquisition and Analysis solutions.

The idea

Discngine is an active member of the laboratory automation community in France and Europe. After participating to numerous meetings and workshops about automatic liquid handling, Discngine Qualification' team identified a specific need, not yet well addressed: the evaluation of pipetting quality on automatic platforms.

Many users, concerned by the quality of their operations had trouble finding a good solution meeting their needs.

The Conception

That’s how Discngine decided to develop a tool that can help those users assess the precision and accuracy of their liquid handling processes.

The project started in 2017, and the first versions on the application were developed in collaboration with one of our customer (Read our interview of Evotec’s members using the application).

The Launch

In 2018, Discngine decided the application was ready and launched it after raising funds.

Discngine Qualification covers most of the use cases present in laboratories and offers an intuitive interface for all users. The team continuously improves the application by implementing new use cases or new features requested by customers.