Discngine Qualification - A Web Application To Track Liquid Handling Precision and Accuracy
Track Liquid Handling Precision and Accuracy


Discngine and Sopachem are proud to announce a new distribution partnership! 

Discngine and Sopachem are proud to announce a new distribution partnership! 

Discngine and Sopachem are now partners! The two companies just concluded a new partnership reserving the exclusive right for Sopachem to distribute Discngine’s latest application called Qualification. The recently launched application, allowing scientists to track liquid handling precision and accuracy, will be distributed by Sopachem in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

This partnership will enable Discngine to accelerate the pace of Qualification sales activity and Sopachem to add a complementary offer to its already large laboratory equipment portfolio. Both companies expect mutual growth with this agreement.


About Qualification

Discngine Qualification enables scientists to validate the precision and accuracy of their liquid handling systems over time. The application is workflow-based and lets users easily capture their raw data and validate their robotic processes in real operating conditions (already implemented with the most common readers and platforms). The software can combine colorimetry (or fluorimetry) and gravimetry analyses for a more precise performance evaluation and display results in different visualization for a better understanding. After defining qualification requirements, control charts allow users to easily identify drifts and impacts of maintenance operations. Hosted on a secured cloud environment, QA/QC results can be rapidly shared with colleagues, partners, customers and robotic manufacturers.

About Discngine

Discngine is a dynamic life science software and service company based in the heart of Paris. It was founded in 2004 and has grown steadily ever since and now counts more than 40 employees.  The company develops and integrate innovative IT solutions for R&D Platforms existing in most companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech, agroscience and cosmetic industry. Discngine’s solution portfolio contains software for scientific data management, visualization and decision-making processes.

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About Sopachem

Sopachem is a local sales and marketing partner for a few selected technology suppliers like Discngine. The company is covering the Benelux market with 2 offices located in Belgium and The Netherlands. The main focus lies on the life sciences applications, biobanking and sample management solutions and diagnostics. Their mission is to serve their customers with the highest standards of product knowhow, understanding the needs and supporting the adoption of new technologies.

For more information visit Sopachem’s website

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